Happy New Year!

My resolution is to write more music and make more comics. This happens to be the 100th “story comic” so here’s to 100 more.

2016 was a slower year for me, but I’m excited to have made the move to a hosted site outside of tumblr for Ad Libitum. It should be much easier to navigate the archives in order, and to leave comments even if you don’t have a tumblr.

This means I can use the Ad Libitum tumblr (Ad Libitumblr?) more like a tumblr blog – I’m hoping to do more posts on other music and art things I’m working on, answer public asks more frequently, and generally interact more.

If you want to follow just the comics, you can either check in here at adlibitumcomic.com or download the Comic Chameleon app, which also hosts a ton of awesome comics you may already be following elsewhere.

(Also if you like cats and/or stickers, I have some new stuff in the Ad Libitum Shop, shameless plug).

Thanks again for coming along for the ride, and I hope everyone’s 2017 is onward and upward for the better.